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I migrated from to

I decided to move to a dedicated blogging service to help manage my blog better, mainly for tags and general organization. You can follow the old blogs using the below links.

Day 20: We need to talk about the era of MDM - Windows Autopilot and wave goodbye.

Day 19: Welsh Azure User Group - Cloud Identity Apps & Data - Azure Synapse / Purview / PowerBI

Day 18: Azure Runbooks - Auto-Resize VMs based on tag to save money.

Day 17: Quick Update re; monitoring and functions.

Day 16: Connect Azure Monitoring Alerts into Teams

Day 15: Use Azure to host a VM running Windows 10X

Day 14: Big Project 1: Create an autonomous BCP solution in Azure

Day 13: Deploy & Change Infra with Terraform

Day 12: Intune & Chocolatey

Day 11: Terraform / Docker

Day 30: AZ-140 Pt.1 - Planning

Day 29: Azure Functions - Run PowerShell commands against on-prem Active Directory

Day 28: OpenHack - Azure Migration Pt.3

Day 27: Create a JSON Resume

Day 26: Powershell ServiceDesk Tool plugging into Azure AD (project) Pt.1

Day 25: OpenHack - Azure Migrations Pt.2

Day 24: OpenHack - Azure Migrations Pt.1

Day 23: What have I done? What's Next? Cryptocurrency News!

Day 22: Using FSLogix profiles across WVD and Autopilot.

Day 21: Windows Virtual Desktop and FSLogix


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