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Day 30: AZ-140 Pt.1 - Planning

  Day 30: AZ-140 Pt.1 - Planning So due to the current pandemic, unfortunately I cannot do the DevOps exam (onsite) which I am deeply disappointed about.  However, I am really interested in the upcoming AZ-140 due in March, so will re-book this as a proctored exam remotely.  The AZ-140 awards the "Microsoft Certified: Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty" qualification, which means that. "Candidates for the Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty certification are Microsoft Azure administrators with subject matter expertise in planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experiences and remote apps, for any device, on Azure. Responsibilities for this role include deploying virtual desktop experiences and apps to Azure. Professionals in this role deliver applications on Windows Virtual Desktop and optimize them to run in multi-session virtual environments. To deliver these experiences, they work closely with Azure administrators and architects, along with Microsoft 365 admi